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He has worked alongside Vittorio on several of his designing and building endeavours, as well as during the setting of the 2008 Dakar-Guadalupe record. He has two children, Melina and Bruno.

An expert sailor, Cesare is stationed in Los Caños de Meca, in south Andalusia, where he is

a kitesurfing instructor.

However, he often sets off to navigate the Mediterranean.

Cesare “Sisar” Grassotti, shore team

A true, feel-good catalyst as well as a professional with excellent technical skills, Cesare hails from Turin (November 19, 1973), but his adoptive country is Spain.

In the last three years, he has logged tens of thousands of miles in the ocean. He has crossed the Atlantic 11 times, one of which was across the far south Atlantic, the legendary Roaring Forties. In the last two seasons, he has been in command of and responsible for the Huck Finn II. An extreme sports enthusiast and a speed lover, Nico is determined, courageous, reckless and also reliable. He is a surfer, kitesurfer and snowboarder.

For the last four years, he has been living on board the Huck Finn II and, according to the students, he is the heart of the boat. He is well loved for his gifts as a fisherman, cook and, naturally, as a navigator and instructor.

Nico “Nano” Malingri, co-skipper

Nico is Vittorio’s second son (November 13, 1991). When his was no more than one year old, he watched his father set off for the Vendée Globe. He spent his childhood navigating with his family. Although still attending school, in 2007, he played an active role in building the F20 catamaran and in setting that record. The day after his received his diploma, he got on board the boat/sailing school, the Huck Finn II, where he is the “second” in command and responsible for on board maintenance.

Like a true “Master of the Sea,” between his sea and land adventures, on all his boats–the Huck Finn, the Moana 60’, the Elmo’s Fire, the Time of Wonder and the last, the Huck Finn II–Vittorio has always managed to keep up his offshore sailing school Ocean Experience, which has taught over a thousand people over the years. He adores off-road cars and motorcycles, which he has travelled extensively on in Africa and Central America. On the sea, he also windsurfs, kitesurfs and goes underwater fishing. He has a large, extended family that he is very proud of, and that, in and of itself, is a great, big crew. But his favorite crew is the one made up of his children: Manuele (26), Nico (24), Nina (12) and Mila (6).

Vittorio is both pragmatic

and a dreamer, nonconformist,

a lover of nature in all its forms, not just the sea,

and is always seeking out

new challenges or

new endeavours to embark on.

Vittorio “Ugo” Malingri, skipper

Son of Franco, navigator and designer, and grandson of Doi, a true trailblazer in Italian ocean sailing, Vittorio (May 19, 1961), has been navigating since he was five years old. At seventeen, he sailed around the world with his family and, as he loves to reiterate, since then “he has never gone back.” He has always lived on board his boats in Cuba, the Bahamas, France, Panama and Greece. He has never kept track of the miles he has logged, even though he says he has about 400,000 miles under his belt.

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vittorio malingri © combobros.net
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Technical Specifications

Length 6.09 m

Width 3.00 m

Sail surface 50 m2

Weight (loaded) 300 kg


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The cat has a few watertight compartments for food, water and changes of clothing. It is equipped on board with:

2 satellite telephones

2 GPSs

2 compasses

1 watertight satellite tablet

2 fixed micro-sport cams with Wi-Fi

1 sport cam with mobile remote and a self-leveling device

1 sail and hull repair kit

Solar panels

2 batteries

It also has the safety devices typical of much larger ocean vessels, such as a manual desalinization pump, EPIRBs, life jackets, survival suits, radar reflectors, utensils and a medicine chest.

Feel Good

The Feel Good is a 6-meter (20-foot) F20 open Catamaran. This cat is 100% eco-friendly and runs on sustainable energy. It is reliable and balanced, and particularly powerful at the speeds for which it was designed. It is considered the fastest and most innovative boat in its category, and has recently been improved upon based on the 2008 experience.

It can hit a top speed of close to 25 knots and average speeds of around 15 knots, and travel over 300 miles a day.

Built by Vittorio, based on Spanish Sito Aviles Ramos’s design and Vittorio’s specifics, it is made entirely of carbon fiber with epoxy resin vacuum  processed with post-cured hulls, mast, deck, rudders and keels. The only metal (titanium) parts are a few joints that allow the mast to rotate and the rudder’s linchpin.

In cooperation with OneSails, a world leader in Italian performance sails, Vittorio has created a new sail design introducing solutions based on ocean multihull vessels as well as skiffs.

The cat has a winged, rotating, retractable mast and the mainsail ensures powerful propulsion. It has a gennaker and spinnaker with a large surface area for light wind.

The Feel Good is a safe vessel for its crew.

Life on board takes place between two side decks and on the centre canvas. The crew’s only protection is adequate technical clothing and a small protective canvas roof on the decks. The crew’s diet while sailing consists of snacks and cold or semi-prepared foods.

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vittorio malingri © combobros.net


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