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Team Malingri has chosen ONESAILS, a network with 40 years of experience, bringing together independent sail makers from all over the world–29 sail makers in 12 countries and on 3 continents.

The sails used by Team Malingri for the records set on the Cat F20 have been designed and made at ONESAILS in Lecce and use 4T FORTE™ technology. They are light, high-performance sails that do not sacrifice shape stability. More than just ensuring solidity, they have also managed to remarkably reduce weight compared to old, single-handed attempt sail plans, an essential feature, as this time there will be dual navigation.

After doing careful research on the sail makers’ and their products’ potential, I went to see Samuele Nicolettis, Stefano Valbusa and Dede Deluca at ONESAILS Italy. In their loft in Bussolengo, we compared out points of view and realized that we shared a lot of the same ideas on the world of sails. They had the skills and professionalism I had expected to find, and I asked them to officially allow me into the ONESAILS family. I say “family” because I soon realized that I had a lot of old acquaintances scattered throughout ONESAILS: in Lecce, the brothers Poncho and Sandro Montefusco, whom I’ve known since I used to visit Puglia in south Italy with my first boat, the Huck Finn. And that wasn’t all. They are some of the best Italian sail makers. But also the loft in Olbia is managed by Mauro Albonico, an old friend and owner of a Moana27. I have a lot of respect for these people, both for who they are as people and professionally, honest people who work with a great deal of passion and really believe in what they are doing”.

I think our contribution to ONESAILS, in addition to its image, could be our extensive experience in ocean navigation sails. They are the best sails to use when cruising, including leisure and Mediterranean cruising, because of their reliability and durability, and because they last”.


Citroën Italia and Team Malingri began working together 9 years ago during the attempt to set a single-handed record from Dakar to Guadalupe in 2008, co-sponsored by the well-known car manufacturer. “Starting with my first visits to their headquarters in Milan, I thought the company management was young and dynamic, with a working style that wasn’t very common in Italy at the time: passion and innovation”, says Vittorio. “When Eugenio Franzetti, the director of external relations for Citroën, called me in to tell me about their new project, the Citroën Unconventional Team, it was a little like coming home for me, like working with good friends. For me, Citroën Italia and the people who work there are like members of a sports team, because this new project is like a long journey that has taken shape based on all of our ideas”.

For logistical reasons, Team Malingri has opted for a C4 Cactus 1.6 Diesel with 92 hp semi-automatic transmission, a car with a design that is a good reflection of our lifestyle and has, at the same time, exactly what we need for the thousands of kilometers we will have to cover on the streets of Europe: fuel efficient, integrated technology and a true pleasure to drive.

To pull our trailer, we’ve chosen a 9-seater, 130 hp Jumper Atlante 2.2 diesel for similar reasons and because of its ample hauling space and the towing capacity of the trailer that transports boats and equipment.


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